Fire Chief's Message

Welcome to the San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District’s home page. On behalf of the men and women who proudly serve your needs we thank you for checking us out! This website was redesigned and implemented in June, 2012. It is designed to provide you with a host of information related to your Fire District’s services and programs.

Our objective is to Serve – Educate – and Respond to our citizen and community needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. We do this through a strong partnership with our employees via our Labor Management Initiative (LMI) structure. This website is being developed to include you, our citizens, in that process.

Since 2008, we have begun an aggressive Community Education and Readiness campaign that we will sustain as a permanent core service in the District. Our objective is to ensure that our citizens understand the hazards and threats associated with living in an “All Hazard/Risk Wildfire Urban Interface” environment. Our website has information that can assist you to get life and property saving training and information, and/or help you get involved in one of our volunteer opportunities that may be of interest to you. 


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The District’s website provides you, as our citizens and customers, with information that is easy to access related to our various services and Divisions. This includes Fire Prevention, Operations, Training, Administration, Public Information and Community Education. We are proud of our services, and hope you find this information interesting and valuable.  We will strive to keep the website up to date and relevant to you and your public safety needs.

Additionally, you can review the biographies of the District’s Board of Directors and Leadership Team. We also have a “Contact Us” button on the menu should you have questions, or recommendations on how we can better serve your needs. We firmly believe that the more you know about the people and programs that serve you, the better we can meet your needs.

Please drop me a line at with any comments or recommendations on how we can improve our website or any of our services and programs that you have interest in. We are here for you.

Gary D. Croucher
Fire Chief