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Glutes are the largest muscle group in the human body and the biggest muscle group in the body of any animal. Glute muscles are crucial components of the lower back and leg. They help maintain good posture, aid in hip extension and support the human movement.

Three main muscles: 

  • Gluteus Maximus (glutenus maximus) is Latin for “greatest glute”. And if there’s one thing we have learned about the glutes, they are indeed the greatest muscle of the body!
  • Gluteus Minimus is a muscle in the buttocks that is made up of the gluteus minimus muscle and the gluteus medius muscle. Together these two muscles from the gluteus maximus, are the largest muscle in your body. The gluteus minimus is responsible for the abduction and external rotation of the hip. 
  • The Gluteus Medius is a muscle that assists with abduction and internal rotation of the hip.

Here are six exercises for your glutes:

  • Side Plank with Clamshell

If you have been looking to strengthen your glutes, your choice of exercises may have been limited, and your progress may have ground to a halt. However, six exercises have been proven to help strengthen the gluteal muscles and improve your muscular endurance, the side plank being one of them. Side planks are great for developing strong gluteal muscles and improving athletic performance.

  • Prone Frogger (Gluteus Maximus)

If you’re not familiar with the Prone Frogger exercise, it’s a great multi-joint exercise that involves lying face-down on the floor, with your arms and legs extended to shoulder-width apart and your feet together.  When you hold your legs in this position, your body will be resisting gravity, so your muscles will have to work harder to stabilize you.  This will help you to build muscle strength and stability in the glute area

  • Side Balance Leg Circles (Gluteus Minimus and Medius)

If you’ve ever had a running injury, you know how it can plague your life. If you’ve ever had a workout injury, you know how it can plague your workouts. If you’ve ever heard about ‘side balance’ leg circles, you know how it can plague your life. Side balance leg circles always seem to come up in class, but I’ve never really understood why. They are just that: a set of exercises you do with your legs in a side balance position, one on each side. All you do is reach down with one hand, and side balance leg circles, while super tough, are also very easy.

  • Glute Bridge with Band (Gluteus Maximus)

You need to first understand the hip hinge to know the glute bridge. A hip hinge is when the hips are in a flexed position, whether it be to the side or back. The glute bridge makes use of this. Essentially, it is a movement in which your hips are in a flexed position before you lift your knees. You can also perform this movement by simply lying on your back and lifting your hips.

  • Seated Mini-Band Hip Abduction (Gluteus Minimus and Medius)

The Abduction Hip Abduction is a hip extension movement that isolates the gluteal muscles while strengthening the hip stabilizers. The movement is a traditional Olympic lift, which is why the client must be in a hands-on squat position. This movement is best done with a mini-band, a stretchy band usually around 4-5 inches in diameter. Hip abduction is a squat variation that develops the gluteal muscles of the pelvis and the muscles of the thigh and buttocks. It is used in a wide range of exercises and sports, from football and basketball to dance, martial arts, and surfing.

  • Elevated Plank with Leg Lift (Gluteus Maximus)

The glutes are the largest muscles in the body, and many people use them as a crutch to support the body during everyday activities. Glute strengthening is important for good health, but the glutes are also a huge part of why some people have trouble losing weight. Exercises can help, but many people rely on leg raises and crunches as their primary glute exercise when it comes to glute activation. These exercises can be effective, but it’s more effective to use more advanced glute exercises such as the Elevated Plank with Leg Lift.

A big part of what makes a guy look good is the strength of his lower body, or glutes. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned veteran, there are exercises you can do to build up your core, improve your quality of life, and increase your strength. These are the exercises you should include in your routine to build and tone your glutes.

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