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Before capsule wardrobes, let us talk about “sustainable.” You probably spend a small fortune on your clothing if you are anything like me. Over time, your clothing accumulates, and your closet space becomes cluttered. Now, I am not saying you cannot have these things, but you can be more conscious of your clothing and where it comes from so you are not spending tons of money on multiple pieces that you only really need a couple of.

A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of clothes and accessories that you can wear together, regardless of the season. When done right, it can make getting dressed in the morning easier because it gives you fewer decisions to make. It can also help you spend less money on clothes since you can usually buy the same pieces in multiple colors, styles, and seasons. And, as an added bonus, this will help you become more intentional about the clothes you buy since you will have to be a bit more selective about what you add to your collection. To help you get started, we have put together six tips for how to put together your very own capsule wardrobe. 

Look at your lifestyle.

Most people are pretty familiar with capsule wardrobes, but most are not exactly sure what one looks like or how it works. The goal is to have a small number of items that you love to mix and match with everything else in your closet, and for every new season, you replenish the closet with items that reflect the current styles and trends. Look at how you buy clothes now, how do you buy them? If your lifestyle is very much ‘grab what you can when you can’ you are wasting your money and not being mindful of your clothing options. Going for a capsule wardrobe can show you that you do not need to have a lot to create some great outfits.

Decide how you want to dress.

If you dress for your personality, you will always feel your best. But how do you decide what to wear each day? If you are struggling to decide what would work best, it is important to write down what you like, e.g., colors, styles, eras, fashions, and so on. You can cut out some pictures from magazines or look online at a color pallet for you to narrow down what you think would suit you best. It comes down to how you feel, and which fashion design makes you happiest.

Do not be too concerned about starting with some fast fashion pieces.

You probably do not wear much fast fashion unless you are someone with a serious buying habit. But, admit it, you have probably lusted after a great J. Crew dress or been tempted by a sale at Zara. Resisting fast fashion can be tough, especially if you live or travel somewhere like Los Angeles or New York, where there are tons of great stores within walking distance. And for many of us, resisting fast fashion means resisting the pull of the mall or discount stores. However, it is okay to start with a few pieces to feel out what you like, then when you have decided you can move up to pieces that will last a long time. You can donate the clothes you do not want to charities, so you are not just chucking them out.

Sort out pieces that are not versatile

One day, while you were cleaning out your closet, you realized that you would not be able to wear some of your clothes for a long time. Now is the time to do something about it. Create a list of your unwearable items and choose what to do with them. You could pass them onto other family members or friends so they do not go unused, or you may want to drop them off at a clothing bin for people who are in need. What may not be versatile to you, maybe for them.

Color coordination

Color coordination is an important first step to getting started with making a sustainable capsule wardrobe. Stick to 3 or 4 neutral colors and then experiment with accents. For example, if you have a few white tops, try adding red, brown, or navy accessories. These color accents will make each outfit look unique but will not commit you to all-white outfits.

Change shopping habits

Now that you have thought about committing to a capsule wardrobe, you will need to change how you buy your clothing items. If you are someone who has to get the newest fashion trends as soon as they come out, then you are wasting money on items that you may only wear a couple of times until the new designs come out. This is what you need to stop. It is not sustainable. Take your time to think about what you really want and see what pieces will work with your new wardrobe style.

The clothing you choose to wear reflects your personality, so starting a capsule wardrobe should be a great start in showing off who you are. What you choose to display to the world says a lot about your interests, hobbies, and style. And remember, instead of letting them gather dust in the closet, you can donate these items to make someone else’s closet and life a little brighter.

Sophie Morgan Griffin

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