Sophie Morgan Griffin

Welcome to my blog which explores all the fun things that happen in my life. I am 28 and live in Sacramento, California, where I am a fitness coach and nutritionist.

I spend my time working and looking after my own health and fitness as well as a helpful dose of going out with my girl friends on the weekends. 

Some of my friends call me the hippy because I believe in herbal remedies and calming wellness strategies to keep my mind happy and focus on the tasks I have in front of me. Plus a lot of my friends get really into the yoga and meditation that I do every morning before work.

This blog will bring you tips and advice about being healthy, the best workouts to do for different abilities, fun fashion tips, and profound wellness advice. These are the most important things to me and some of them have helpaed a few of my friends to get out of the darkest periods of their lives and gather some light. Even if this isn’t what you are searching for then they are some fun and great tips to get you feeling healthy and happy every day. 

I live a very hectic life and my meditation always keeps me on the right path to attempt to make every day a good one (of course this cannot always happen but if 90% of them are good then that is a win for me!). I hope that you stick around and follow my blog because I have so much that I want to talk about. Enjoy!